Artisan Breads

What makes great tasting breads? starch-wheat-flour

Quality of ingredients, skill and knowledge of how to put them together and time.

We use the finest of ingredients  when making our breads and it is in the skill and knowledge of how to put them together that we create a great tasting bread.    All the ingredients that we use are natural and we do not use any preservatives.   Many of the doughs are made from a sour which ferment for 48 hours.  This long fermentation process creates a rich wonderful flavour that is distinctive of old world European bread.  Finally, each bread dough is individually given attention, shaped by hand to make sure it is perfect before it is turned into the delicious loaf that makes it to your table.

 The dough of this wonderful bread is prepared with a natural sour and then aged for 48 hours to give is a full flavour.
Ingredients:  Wheat flour, Water, Salt, Yeast

Baguette 135px


 Characteristic of this bread is a large cell structure that is developed during the aging of the dough.  The result is a delicious buttery flavour.
Ingredients:  Wheat flour, Water, Salt, Yeast

Italian 135

Italian Loaf

 Sour describes the fermentation process and not the taste of the final product.  This bread has a very smooth texture and a full flavour.  The aging process helps tenderize the bran that can leave a gritty texture in other whole wheat breads.
Ingredients:  Whole wheat flour, White wheat flour, Water, Salt, Yeast

Whole Wheat 135px

Whole Wheat Loaf

 Healthy seeds and grains that make up a tasty bread.
Ingredients:  Whole wheat flour, White wheat flour, Cracked wheat, Rye meal, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Flax meal, Durham flour, Salt, Yeast

Multigrain 135px

Multigrain Loaf

 This bread does more than satisfy for those fans of white bread.  This is one of the few breads that is aged without a sour.  You never knew white bread could taste so good.
Ingredients:  White wheat flour, Water, Durham flour, Whey powder, Brown sugar, Salt, Yeast

Haus Brot 135px

Haus Brot

 Literally translated this bread means “ham bread”. There is no ham in this bread but gets its name from what it is traditionally eaten with. In the German state of Nordrhein-westfalen it is eaten with smoked ham called Westfalen Schinken(ham).  This bread is made with a dough that is naturally leaven without commercial yeast but 100% sour.  Adding to the healthiness are all the seeds and grains in this hearty loaf.
Ingredients:  Whole wheat flour, Rye flour, Water, Rye meal, Cracked wheat, Flax meal, Flax fiber, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Durham flour, Salt

Schinken 135px

Schinken Brot

Our delicious croissants are made with butter rolled into the dough and baked fresh every morning.  We offer Chocolate Croissants that have a stick of chocolate inside and Butter Croissants that taste great plain or with jam.

Croissants 135

Chocolate & Butter Croissant

 Broetchen is German for rolls.  These tasty rolls are made with a sour dough to give them a nice buttery flavour.

Broetchen 135px


 Our Specialty Week-end Breads (Friday & Saturday)

Raisin Bread 135px

Raisin Bread

Zopf 135


Cinnamon Rolls 135px

Cinnamon Rolls

Kaiser Loaf 135px

Kaiser Loaf

Olive Loaf

Olive Loaf

Breadzels & Pretzels

Breadzels & Pretzels




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