Pastries and Cakes

Red CoatsHigh Quality ingredients bring out the taste that has made usHollander & Apple Strude.
famous and why our customers brag about us.

Our puff pastry is made with real butter.

Our Apple Strudel is made with fresh Nova Scotia apples.

Our Eclairs and Cream Horns are made with real whipped cream.

Our truffles are made with Belgian Chocolate.

Our Back forest Torte is made with Nova Scotia Valley sour cherries.

Everything is made from scratch!  Our customers keep coming back.

Chocolate buttercream 220px

Chocolate Butter Cream Torte

Layers of chocolate sponge cake with layers of chocolate butter cream and then covered with ganache is what makes the Chocolate Butter Cream Torte our most popular torte.

Strawberry buttercream 220px

Strawberry Butter Cream Torte

Made with fresh strawberries this torte has layers of vanilla sponge cake and layers of strawberry butter cream.

Lemon Buttercream 220px

Lemon Butter Cream Torte

This torte is a nice combination of tart and sweet, made with layers of vanilla sponge cake and lemon butter cream.

Mocha Buttercream 220px

Mocha Butter Cream Torte

This is a very pleasant coffee flavoured butter cream torte that is made with layers of vanilla sponge cake and our delicious espresso coffee infused butter cream.

Drk Chocolate Cheese Cake 220px

Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake

A chocolate lovers dream.  This is a rich dark chocolate cheese cake covered with ganache.

Cherry Cheese cake 220px

Cherry Cheese Cake

A very moist cheese cake made with white chocolate that gives it just the right sweetness that is balanced with sour cherries on the top.

Linzer Torte 220px

Linzer Torte

An Austrian favourite from the city of Linz. This torte is really a large tart made with a hazelnut spiced shortbread and filled with a seedless raspberry jam.  This is my mother’s favourite.

Lemon Chiffon 220px

Lemon Chiffon Torte

This very summery torte has a very light lemon filling between two vanilla sponge layers and covered with marzipan.

Black Forest 200px

Black Forest Torte

This traditional German torte is made with whipped cream flavoured with Kirschwasser, a German cherry liquor.  The Kirsch whipped cream is sitting on top of a sandwiched layer of chocolate sponge cake and sour cherries.  If you would like to have this torte it is best to order it because this torte is not always in our display case.

Vanilla butter cream torte 220px

Vanilla Butter Cream Torte

The Vanilla Butter Cream Torte is layers of vanilla sponge cake and vanilla butter cream covered with a white chocolate ganache.

Sacher Torte

Sacher Torte

The Sacher Torte is an Austrian chocolate cake made famous by the Hotel Sacher in Vienna.  This is a richer chocolate cake with fine layers of raspberry filling.  It is wrapped with marzipan and then covered with ganache.  When you order the Sacher Torte in our cafe it is served the traditional way with whipped cream.


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